Bharatiya Kshatriya Parishat

About Us

Aims and Objectives of BKP

Some of the many aims and objectives of this organisation are:

  1. To unite the Kshatriya community all over the universe.
  2. To make Kshatriya community as one unit.
  3. To establish Educational institutions in multiple medium of instructions every place possible.
  4. To establish and run Hostels for men and women, tailoring and typewriting institutes, rehabilitation centers, etc.
  5. To establish Anathashrams, Old-age homes, Child-care centers, Balwadies, etc.
  6. To provide medical facilities to the public by opening or establishing Dispensaries, Hospitals and clinics under different systems of Medicine.
  7. To establish Libraries, Reading rooms and Training centers for general public utility.
  8. To encourage Sports and develop sportsmanship among the students and rural youths.
  9. Providing Vadhu-Vara and Palak information of all communities.
  10. Propagation and promotion of spiritual and cultural activities that in inculcate solace and satisfaction to all concerned.

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Office Bearers of BKP

  • S. L. Darshankar

  • K. Gopalakrishna Dhapate

    Vice President
  • Srinivas Rao Petkar

    Vice President
  • Ramakrishna Chavan

  • Devidas Pisse

  • Satish Shalgar

    Joint Secretary
  • Raju N. Kshirsagar

    Joint Secretary